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Real and sustainable relations
from start to finish.


LABRA works with the objective of integrating the extractivist productive chain of the native, indigenous and quilombola peoples of Brazilian forests and savannas.

Field of reforestation.


Labra has the sustainability in its dna promoting actions of reforestation in the area of its cooperative that have been degraded by the deforestation, ensuring that future generations have access to the rich agroforestry products as well as employment and income for thousands of families throughout brazil.


Enjoy the flavors of nature.

Our focus is to promote and represent products that are natural, organic, nutrient-rich and derived from sustainable production practices in order to bring to the final consumer the best of what the world has to offer.

It has an extensive line of natural, organic, nutrient rich products and sustainable production chains.

In Brazil, Labra represents the Bob’s Red Mill brand, market leader in the US with more than mais 400 whole grain produts and hundreds of gluten-free and organic products.

All this so we can bring the best the market has to offer in natural food products to your clients.

To learn more about our products, clients and partners, please,keep in touch.